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November 5th

Bespoke Displays

Jubilee Fireworks employs considerable manpower, equipment, and a comprehensive approach to health and safety to ensure a perfect display no matter the scale or budget.

We can offer the most extensive range of options to help you celebrate your dream wedding in grand style. We guarantee a fantastic visual experience. Night or day, indoors or out, we can cater for all venues, locations and budgets.

A fireworks display is probably the most economic way of entertaining a large number of people, adding an exciting dimension to any celebration such as public shows, sporting events, festivals, weddings – the list is endless.

Your chosen display should be unique and unforgettable.  From colour co-ordination, style of music, song choice, and type of effects, your display will be created by the UK’s most awarded display designer.

Corporate Displays

International Displays

Celebration of Life


Fireworks and pyrotechnics can create a stunning impact at conferences or product launches, reinforcing the message you want to convey in the most dramatic way possible.  Any event.  Any location. Anywhere in the world.

Jubilee Fireworks has a reputation for excellence.  We have established a reputation for staging innovative and spectacular shows throughout the world – representing the UK at a number of high-profile events, gaining many prestigious awards.

A Celebration of Life display, is a fireworks display, where friends and family can come together, to celebrate the life and achievements of a departed loved one with a memorial firework display, a respectful gift and tribute.

Jubilee Fireworks has gained first place in each major UK competition, and in the most prestigious firework competitions around the world, gaining a distinguished International record.  Any display by Jubilee Fireworks is a seal of excellence.

Jubilee Fireworks: Masters of Pyrotechnics

Knock on the sky and listen to the sound…

For every event, Jubilee Fireworks means excellence guaranteed.   

Seen on The One Show, BBC News, The Gadget Show, Discovery Channel: Pyros

“Just incredible. Beyond wonderful. The ending was fantastic. sublime. Absolutely out of this world”

“It was fantastic. Absolutely remarkable. Wonderful. I don’t think I’ll ever see one like that again.”

“They were absolutely extraordinary. They were like the wedding of the Dauphine in 1745 – really transporting!
~ Lord Julian Fellowes

“Quite extraordinary, I have never, ever witnessed fireworks like it, and I’ve seen them on the other side of the world.”

“I think they outdid the millennium. I think they outdid the Olympics. I think so far, we haven’t seen better.”

“Do you know, I have seen fireworks before, but it just lifts the bar. It takes you on a whole journey.”

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