A stunning selection of superior quality display fireworks giving a comprehensive mix of noise and colour. 36 items in total – aerial and ground fireworks including large calibre cakes, roman candles, mines and a sparkling wheel.

Kit 400   £400   (Normal RRP £520 – Save £120)

Also included:  9 portfires.

Note: contents may vary owing to stock availability, but full value will always be maintained if substitutions are made.

Typical contents and suggested firing order:

Item Effect
Havoc Opening Mine
Rebel 25 shot Barrage
Deadeye 16 shot Barrage
Blue Streak 70 shot Roman Candle
Juke Box 16 shot Barrage
Samurai Spirit 25 shot Barrage
Rock N’ Roll 16 shot Barrage
Red Streak 70 shot Roman Candle
Fantasia Wheel
Falcon Frenzy 25 shot Barrage
Wave Willow 25 shot Barrage
Wrath of The Gods 50 shot Barrage
Angel Dust 25 shot Barrage
Blaze of Glory 30 shot Barrage
Monsoon Blast 50 shot Finale Barrage
Avenger 70 shot Finale Barrage
Mayhem Finale Mine

Rockets [fire at random throughout the display]

INXS 5 Pack Rockets
Shell Head 4 Pack Flash Rockets
Solar Storm 4 Pack Flash Rockets
Sky Dragon 6 Pack Flash Rockets