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Finale Items
Every large display should have an impressive finale to give that  closing ‘Wow’ moment.  We have a range of specially designed finale items to bring your show to a spectacular climax.  The effect can be enhanced further by firing a few large rockets ‘over the top’.

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    This immense compound firework of three 45 shots barrage that fires simultaneously together creating a show stopping display of red dahlia with silver glitter, brocade crown with glitter and blue with gold glitter all in 30 seconds, while make your firework display ‘LEGENDARY’!

      Safety Distance (Metres)                         25

      Noise Level (1-10)                                       10

      Explosive Weight (g)                            1600

      Duration (seconds)                                    35

      Category                                                        3

      Number of Shots                                      135

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    This heavyweight beast of a barrage sends massive brocade pine tails in a stunning arch from left to right across the sky before bursting into huge brocade crown breaks erupt above. Jaw dropping effects for 20 seconds

      Safety Distance (Metres)                         25

      Noise Level (1-10)                                       10

      Explosive Weight (g)                             984

      Duration (seconds)                                 20

      Category                                                     3

      Number of Shots                                      80

  • Retribution

    One of the largest fireworks we have ever produced - offering 200 shots of varied firing patterns and massive professional quality effects.  A huge, intense aerial bombardment including blue/red stars with blink, blue tail to blue star to brocade crown, green tail to green star brocade, silver whistling, coloured tails to gold blink, colour coconut to chrysanthemeum breaks and silver whistling. Immense, loud and full-on!  80 seconds.

      Safety Distance (Metres)                         25

      Noise Level (1-10)                                       10

      Explosive Weight (g)                            2500

      Duration (seconds)                                    80

      Category                                                        3

      Number of Shots                                      200

  • Fanfare

    Row after row fan skyward with stunning shots of crackling flower tails to red stars with crackling, crackling flower tails to green bouquet, colour mines to colour peony, green tails to silver spinners and spray crackle with a finale of whistling crackle tails to crackling white bouquet, fast paced for 30 seconds.

      Safety Distance (Metres)                        25

      Noise Level (1-10)                                       7

      Explosive Weight (g)                             930

      Duration (seconds)                                 25

      Category                                                     3

      Number of Shots                                    100

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    This trio of big barrages are linked in compound to create 209 shots of straight and angled fired breaks with a variety of stunning effects including silver blink mines to silver chrysanthemum, purple coconut, red and silver blink, colour star bouquets to wave willow with colour pearls with a crackle and brocade crown finale and a duration of nearly 2 minutes.

      Safety Distance (Metres)                         20

      Noise Level (1-10)                                         8

      Explosive Weight (g)                              997

      Duration (seconds)                                  100

      Category                                                        2

      Number of Shots                                      209