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We use the most advanced digital firing technology available to produce the most imaginative and breathtaking displays.

Our system of choice is FireOne. Developed in America , it is widely considered to be the most versatile and advanced digital firing system available. FireOne is used by the majority of the world’s leading fireworks companies.


Fire One digital firing technology

The key advantages of the system are:
  • The ability to design choreographed musical displays with an exceptionally high level of accuracy
  • The capability to run over 3km of wire from the firing position to the display area ( enabling wide 'frontage effects' to be used).
  • A 'Wireless communication' option for more demanding sites.
  • . The ability to fire multiple firing modules and cues (separate firing events) completely simultaneously [up to 12,288 using one version of the system]
  • Industry-leading choreographic and firing resolution, with accuracy down to 1/1000th of a second.

Our dedicated firing systems manager, Rodney Clarke, is an acknowledged expert in this field and works closely with PMI (the manufacturers of FireOne) in the on-going development of the system.

We also offer an equipment hire and consultancy service for users of FireOne throughout Europe and we have assisted with many of the largest display projects in the UK in recent years. Please contact usshould you wish to discuss this service.

Fire One digital firing technology