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In situations where safety distances are restricted, 'close proximity' pyrotechnics offer a dramatic and effective solution.

Our dedicated SFX team has a sound knowledge of proximate firework performance and we stock an excellent range of low-debris and 'precision' effects.

These are entirely suitable for venues where traditional fireworks would be inappropriate - including sports stadia, theatres, concert halls and a variety of indoor venues.

The following effects are typical of those used in close proximity situations:

  • Precision timed fountains: with accurately known burn times and heights
  • Mini-mines: instantaneous and dramatic eruptions of stars
  • Waterfalls: majestic vertical cascades of silver sparks
  • Flash Pots: producing an intense flash of bright light
  • Maroons: loud reports
  • Single shot comets: fiery projections with zero fall-out
  • Air Bursts: mini 'shell bust' effects, suspended from overhead gantries
In addition, we can also offer a range of non-pyrotechnic effects, including compressed air systems which produce showers of confetti, flutter-fetti, and streamers. Combined with close proximity fireworks, the effect is dramatic and awe inspiring.