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Company Personnel

The greatest investment that any company can make is employing the right people. Many of our staff members have been with us for over a decade, and we are very careful in selecting only those individuals who have a passion for pyrotechnics.
The Jubilee team consists of over forty skilled technicians, each of whom possesses the qualities needed to be an effective display operator. Dedication, enthusiasm, and a willingness to 'go the extra mile' are three key ingredients that we look for.
Training also underpins everything that we do. All of our key technicians are qualified to professional industry standards. Indeed, Jubilee staff were instrumental in the development of the BPA operator-training scheme, now established and recognised as the industry standard in the UK.

CHRIS PEARCE - Managing Director

Educated at the University of Birmingham, Chris is a physicist by profession, who originally developed Jubilee Fireworks as a part time interest to satisfy his enthusiasm for pyrotechnics. Twenty years later, he is in charge of one of the UK's largest display companies!

Chris oversees all aspects of Jubilee's operations, and is still actively involved in show design. He is currently chairman of the British Pyrotechnists Association and was deputy chair of TESA ( The Events Suppliers Association) for two years. Chris also contributes to a range of technical and non-specialist journals and is the technical correspondent for Fireworks magazine. He is also a member of several committees involved in legislative aspects, including the BSI and European CEN committees. Chris has also been the adjudicator for the British Musical Fireworks Championships since 2004.

Chris Pearce - Managing Director


Firework Display Girector - Andrew WigginsDISPLAY DIRECTOR
Andrew joined Jubilee Fireworks in 1994, originally as a part-time firer. Andy's enthusiasm and passion for fireworks was evident from the outset and his talents are now recognized at an international level.

Andy oversees all of our major projects and designs the majority of large-scale Jubilee shows. His credits include the 2006 British Fireworks 'Champion of Champions' winning display and in 2007, Andy conceived the much acclaimed show that took first prize in the Blackpool world fireworks championships.

Andy's expertise at an international level was honoured in 2006, when he was appointed as senior judge at the Malta International Fireworks Festival.  


Ian has over twenty years experience in the British Fireworks Industry. His marketing background is invaluable in ensuring that Jubilee continues to meet the changing needs of our clients.

Ian has been involved in several hundred fireworks displays throughout his career, originally with Midlands Fireworks. Ian's most prestigious show was the Millennium Display on the Thames, which attracted worldwide acclaim as one of the finest 'New Year' displays at the turn of the century. Firework Display Marketing Manager - Ian Driver

In addition to advising on marketing strategy, Ian also provides a key liaison service to our display clients, ensuring that we meet the objectives and expectations of the individuals and organization who put their trust in us.

Rodney Clarke

Firing Systems Manager Rodney Clarke combines his work as a consultant to Jubilee with a senior managerial post at BEA Systems, a leading international business software company.

Rodney has a pivotal role within our organization - having responsibility for our digital firing systems. Some of our major shows are so demanding in terms of the control technology required, that Rodney's expertise is invaluable. Rodney also works pro-actively with PMI, manufacturers of the FireOne system, in the on-going development and refinement of their products.

Martin Hadlington

Director Martin is a PhD Chemist with a background in education and industrial chemistry. For several years Martin combined his post as lecturer at Dudley College with a part-time interest in fireworks. He joined Jubilee as a Director in 1998 and now oversees the company's Health and Safety operations, in addition to organizing our training programmes.