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In recent years, our portfolio of display projects outside the UK has expanded. We can now manage the complex logistics involved in staging fireworks shows in different parts of the world, often with the assistance of one or more partner companies in Europe or The Far East.

Our debut on the international stage was in 2001 when we were invited to represent the UK in the 13th International Display Competition held in Macau.

Since then, we have established a reputation for staging innovative and spectacular shows throughout the world - representing the UK at a number of high-profile events and gaining several prestgious awards.


Major displays staged by Jubilee outside the UK (to date) include:
  • Manila (Philippines) - 4th Philippines Pyromusical Competition - 2013 - 1st Prize
  • Knokke Heist (Belgium) - International Pyromusical Competition - 2014 - 1st Prize
  • Monaco - Concours International de Feu d'Artifice (Champion of Champions) 2014 - 2nd Prize
  • International Pyromusical Competition - Manila (Philippines) - 1st Prize 2010
  • International Pyromusical Competition - Manila (Philippines) - 2nd Prize 2011
  • 45th International Display Contest - Monte Carlo (Monaco) - 1st Prize 2010 (Jury and Public vote)
  • Macau - 13th International Display Competition - 2001 [Bronze Medal]
  • Nassau, Bahamas -HM The Queen Golden Jubilee - 2002
  • San Sebastian (Spain) - 42nd International Display Contest - 2005
  • Rome - 'Caput Lucis' World Fireworks Championships -2005
  • Valletta (Malta) - 1st International Pyro-Musical Festival - 2006
  • Maldives - New Year Celebrations 2006
  • Algarve (Portugal) - International Festival of Pyrotechnics - 2007
  • Hannover - 22nd International Baroque Firework Contest - 2010
  • Vietnam - Danang International Fireworks Competition - 2011

As a general guide, the minimum budget for a display outside the UK is in the region of 10,000 (Sterling) - and in most cases freight and accommodation costs will be extra to this.

photos © Paul Tierney